Neogic Web Solutions Ltd, Reg. in England (No. 06025766)
20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU  (NO POST)

About Neogic

Neogic is a professional web solutions company specialising in developing secure, high performance websites and web applications. We are located in the heart of the UK's "Silicon Valley", the M4 corridor, but work with clients across the UK and internationally.

Our clients include major names in the petrochemical, security/military and UK education sectors, including FTSE™ 100 multinationals, such as Shell International, AECOM (formerly URS), BHP Billiton, BP, Pilgrims Group, Control Risks Group (CRG) and Culmen International. Our success in securing contracts with these companies is attributable to our commitment to quality, reliability and usability in every solution we produce.

Our flagship products include Neogic TravelNet™ (used by BHP Billiton to manage its international travel operations), Neogic SafetyNet™ (traveller tracking and risk advice, originally developed as CRG's CRTravelTracker™), Neogic InfoNet™ (used by Shell to provide security awareness training to its staff). Most recently we built Neogic PL-MAN™ for AECOM to manage personnel travel logistics, and Neogic SL-MAN™ for Culmen International to manage logistics and approval workflow for US Gov contracts.

Neogic specialises in developing web applications - i.e., websites with advanced functionality, such as Knowledge/Content Management Systems (CMS, KMS), multimedia training systems (e-Learning, CBT, CAI), e-Commerce retail websites and Travel/Security Management Systems. We also provide high-quality web hosting and website management/maintenance services with a personal touch.

Why do business with us?

We design through active consultation

  • We are skilled and experienced at listening to what you require, helping you to define who your customers are and what they wish achieve by visiting your website, and translating these requirements into a perfect-fit usable web application
  • We achieve this transformation using industry-standard Agile UML modelling techniques (use-case driven analysis and design), which emphasise user-orientated design and requirements traceability (the solution does what you want it to do)

We take pride in our work

  • The majority of Neogic's new clients find us through recommendation by satisfied existing customers or because they've encountered one of our solutions and have liked what they've seen
  • Every piece of work we undertake presents the opportunity to create something special that meets the client's needs perfectly and acts as a beacon for demonstrating our ability to go the extra mile. It is therefore in Neogic's interests to ensure that you are completely happy with the service we provide
  • See portfolio for a list of our existing clients (references available on request)

We encourage partnership

  • Your website requirements will typically evolve in-line with your business, meaning a one-off solution may gradually become out-of-sync with your way of working
  • To prevent this, we encourage long-term partnerships over 'quick buck' one-off contracts and always remain flexible in reaching a payments agreement that suits your financial constraints
  • For example, we are happy to discuss the use of spread payments, milestone payments, an annual licence-fee instead of up-front development costs, or even joint-ventures and collaboration to subsidise costs

We price cost-effectively

  • Unlike most competitors, we provide a fixed-price development quote, based on captured requirements; provided requirements do not expand, the agreed price is all that you pay
  • Our typical prices range from ~599+VAT for a basic template-based website, to ~3k+VAT for an advanced, database-driven website that you can update yourself - see Neogic YourNet™.

Next Step: Get in touch

If you would like to discuss a web or multimedia development project, or find out more about our existing products, please e-mail Neogic Web Solutions.

You can also use this website to find out more about our services, download our company brochure and view our portfolio.