Neogic TravelNet

End-to-end travel logistics & safety management web solution, including real-time tracking of private vehicle movements, commercial travel and personnel location, as well as accommodation management, passenger/cargo list management, emergency response tools, etc.

  • Used by petrochemical giant BHP Billiton to manage its travel operations; originally developed for HESS
  • Real-time global personnel and vehicle movements tracking
    • Commercial/chartered travel by land, air or sea
    • Personnel contact information, passport/visa expiry status, etc
  • Travel logistics management
    • Comprehensive accommodation management
    • Monitoring and resolution of traveller accommodation requirements
    • Yearly-planner style monitoring, with on-demand guest listings
    • Advanced chartered vehicle management (seat availability, passenger lists, etc)
    • Vehicle arrival tracking (passengers moved to next leg/accommodation on arrival)
    • Vehicle and cargo space utilisation monitoring to ensure optimal usage
  • Emergency response and auditing tools
    • Rapid reporting of personnel whereabouts
    • Vehicle Persons On-Board (POB) lists
    • Paperless audit trail alleviates corporate liability/litigation concerns
  • Highly customisable and designed to be extended to meet your requirements

Neogic TravelNet™ travel logistics & safety management system

Additional Information

Neogic TravelNet™ is a web based application designed to capture and monitor the travel movements for company professionals in and out of country. Company travellers can submit travel requests using the online forms which then trigger a series of events all monitored by the system until the traveller finally completes their journey.

Using TravelNet, a list of all 'in country' travellers can be accessed from anywhere in the world (by administrators with the appropriate access rights and passwords). The application is not limited to country location, but provides a detailed location based on recorded movements. In addition to locations, TravelNet also logs and monitors actual travel movements, from International flights, to land based vehicles.

Company administrators can use TravelNet to process and monitor all essential documentation from Passports to Visas. TravelNet was developed to meet company specific requirements by providing a 'backoffice' with a multitude of options. The backoffice has hundreds of options to model the application to integrate into an existing company management process, for example, companies can add specific documentation unique to the company for the system to monitor in conjunction with and travel requests.

TravelNet has many tools to help both travellers and administrators alike. A new addition introduced in version 3 is the vehicle manager. The vehicle manager is an integral application to define all types of vehicles for reuse when submitting a travel request. For example, many of the larger petrochemical companies have there own vehicles or contract out, either way, it is most likely that the same vehicle will be used many times. Using the vehicle manager, the details of vehicles can be entered into the system, then recalled each time it is linked to a traveller's journey. This method of linking and reusing is not limited to the vehicle manager, in fact, since its introduction in version 3, many other areas of the application now adopt a similar style of data re-use.

Neogic TravelNet™ - Accommodation manager screenshot

Following on from the vehicle manager is the accommodation manager. The accommodation manager is an extensive tool used to manage all accommodation locations within any given area. Administrators can perform all associated tasks to effectively manage accommodation arrivals and bookings.

Neogic is currently developing its latest version of TravelNet designed to not only fit into existing company protocol for the management of travel, but also to guide companies into effective management control with the introduction of new features and the application of new technologies. Working with major petrochemical companies has provided Neogic with a unique overview of the processes used with each company. Version 4 of TravelNet will not limit a company to a predefined process of travel management, but enable them to shape the application to meet their needs.

Combined with application logic templates and new technological advances in the application itself, such as CSV and MS Excel exports, SMS integration and XML imports, version 4 of TravelNet is set to shape a new standard in company travel management.

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