Neogic SafetyNet

High-security web-based system that allows client companies to track their personnel whereabouts, manage travel authorisation depending on destination risk levels and enables individual travellers to access detailed travel risk information tailored to their itinerary.

  • Originally developed for leading security consultancy, Control Risks Group, to provide as service to corporate clients
  • Provides business travellers with 24/7 access to up-to-date security and risk-mitigation advice, tailored to their travel itinerary and employer’s travel policy
  • Tracks travel plans & optionally manages travel approval process
    • Manual or automatic approval of plans based on security assessment
    • Travellers notified of decision by e-mail and on their portal homepage
    • Paperless audit trail alleviates company liability/litigation concerns
  • Crisis management through emergency contact tools and rapid-access travel plan queries (such as 'Travellers in Country' and 'Upcoming Travel')
    • Company can quickly identify and locate vulnerable personnel in event of an incident
  • Highly secure 128-bit MD5-encryption and roles-based n-tier permissions system allows sensitive information to be accessed from normal web browser
    • User-friendly, task-orientated user interface supports efficient use
  • Highly customisable and designed to be extended to meet your requirements

Neogic SafetyNet™ travel security management system

Additional Information

Neogic SafetyNet™ provides an extensive travel application to be used for all types of travel by company professionals. The application starts with a travel request made by the traveller logging on to the secure site. The traveller login has a set of simple tools specific to the traveller and their requirements of which one is to make the travel request. Once submitted, the system is able to ‘auto approve' the request, if the requested destination falls within the company's defined auto approval level. If not, the request is logged and the appropriate department administrator(s) notified. When the department administrator loges into the system, they have a different menu structure designed to manage the requests effectively.

By managing the travel in this way, the system is able to produce a comprehensive list of all personnel in one or all countries, at any time, form anywhere in the world (with the appropriate access rights and passwords). If an incident was to take place in a given location, the application can produce not only the list of persons affected, but also provide contact numbers, next of kin data, hotel numbers and all relevant contact information. This data can be emailed or exported into most major database applications (including MS Excel) or an XML document for appropriate action.

Updated information can be alerted to the affected persons using a variety of methods. For example, when a travel request is approved, it maybe vital to the traveller to know; where in most cases an email would suffice, in this example the traveller can receive notification to his or her mobile phone via a text message (SMS).

The options for the use of SMS technology and definitions for country risk levels are all defined in the final level to the application – the system administrator. Typically, there are only a handful of system administrators due to the nature of control and implantation to the system, but all levels use a similar user friendly and intuitive interface. The system administrator works in much the same way as a department administrator in that they too can make decisions on travel requests, but are not limited to a specific department or approval level. In fact, it is the system administrator who defines the various access levels and control of the company administrator.

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