Neogic Travel Security Solutions

NEOGIC SAFETYNET™ - Advanced, high-security web-based system for delivering travel risk information tailored to individual traveller itineraries and company policy, and allowing client companies to track their personnel.

  • Provides business travellers with 24/7 access to up-to-date security and risk-mitigation advice, tailored to their travel itinerary
  • Tracks travel plans & optionally manages travel approval processes Neogic SafetyNet travel security system screenshot
  • Crisis management through emergency contact tools and rapid-access travel plan queries (such as 'Travellers in Country' and 'Upcoming Travel')
  • Highly secure 128-bit MD5-encryption and roles-based n-tier permissions system allows sensitive information to be accessed from normal web browser
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NEOGIC TRAVELNET™ - Comprehensive, web-based real-time travel logistics management system for large companies with complex travel operations, includes tracking of commercial travel and management of company vehicle movements.

  • End-to-end, web-based travel management solution, providing real-time global personnel tracking (commercial/chartered, international/domestic, land/air/sea) Neogic TravelNet travel logistics managment system screenshot
  • Travel logistics management, including advanced vehicle and accommodation management
  • Emergency response and auditing tools, including real-time personnel tracking and instant vehicle POB reports
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NEOGIC INFONET™ - Online multimedia security awareness training and training management system, based on security content licensed from Neogic InfoNet travel security training system screenshot Shell security experts and currently used by Shell to train its travelling personnel

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