"When I was told to organise and attend a workshop for "Marketing your IAG Services" I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Jayne and Stacey went at what I thought was a 100mph; their passion, dedication and professionalism has provided me with a solid, encouraging framework for any future marketing activities. The accelerated learning techniques were brilliant and made the workshop really entertaining and exhilarating. I would like to say a huge "Thank You" to the both of you for an outstanding 2 days of inspiration. I would recommend anyone who can, to attend this exceptional workshop."

Shina Patel
City Pride and Stockport IAG Partnerships Voluntary Sector
"Enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism have characterised the contribution that Jayne Price has made to the DPA's ASPECT training programme. She has shown us how to deliver training that users enjoy and appreciate. Training that is making a real difference to the efficiency of the Defence Procurement Agency. In doing this she has always put our requirement and the need to deliver high quality effective training ahead of making profit. It has been refreshing (and fun) doing business with her. And you can quote me!"

Charles Shelton
Aspect Project Manager - MoD
"I found the Broadening Horizons course to be thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile. It was five days of real fun, practical exercises and as the programme suggests, it most certainly broadened my horizons. On completion of the course, I applied for a new job (promotion) within the MOD. I amended my CV with what I'd learnt from the course and subsequently got the job. I would recommend that anybody wanting to develop their life skills attends this programme. It's simply the best."

Mairead Conner
UWS - Ministry of Defence
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