The People Company was established in January 2002 and forms part of the larger holding company Bondcastle Limited. Currently the company is a small medium enterprise based in the Cotswolds but serving clients worldwide. As our name implies, we focus on People; boosting their confidence, self esteem and motivation to encourage them to release their full potential within their life and work.

Our team's expertise allows us to offer an extraordinary range of solutions for any given budget. No matter what the size of your business, we will offer you options to enable you to get the very best performance from your team. In order to ensure the relevance and focus demanded from good training programmes, we have listened closely to the views of our clients and professional trainers. This has led us to introduce changes to the range of courses and the methodologies we apply when running them. We believe these changes will further enhance the return on your training investment.

As well as the training programmes, we now offer non directive life coaching for individual team members or executive teams. In short Life coaching is a powerful process that supports people in realising their true potential and in making changes in their lives.

We will work closely with you to ensure we meet your coaching and training needs, creating and delivering programmes that are cost effective, longer lasting and most of all FUN.

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